Mirela Kulovic Portal 36_x48_ oil on can
>> My art practice is process oriented. The way how I approach the material it has a lot of to do with my fascination by the chance, chaos and random on one side, and repetition and patterns on the other side. 
I have concepts, but there is no hard line between one concept to another. My work is informed by my believes, fascinations, knowledge, unconscious, memory in my mind and body.  My artwork is driven by the curiosity and constant urge for visual language. I see paintings in music, literature, my every day life.
Painting is thinking. Painting is recording things. I look at things trying to discover the hidden message in every day objects, ladscapes and works of other artists. Why I love painting is because of its condensed and universal quality.
My work is never completely defined. In all my work objects lose their shape. Dark and black spots on my drawings have dominant roles, but it is not clear if other visible shapes and marks comes from these parts or they are travelling towards them,
I introduced repetition in my latest work. Repeated marks have power to catch the eye and mind. By repeating the marks I give myself time to think of my next decision in the process of drawing. It is almost like I open a space in my mind to make myself clear what should I do next. These methods of repeating, removing, adding, destroying picture, work as a relief for my inner tensions. Curcial moments for me are covering and wiping out a painting surface, partially or completely. There is a certain amount of psychological catharsis associated with giving myself permission to completely destroying the picture I was doing for many hours. Using what is left works as a trigger for the next step of rebuilding of the painting surface.
Painting proces is like channeling my internal states and processes into material world. Painting as object become material extension of my thinking, feeling and observation process.
©Mirela Kulović 2019