Mirela Kulović is an artist and cultural entrepreneur.

She is Co-artistic director at CreatiWe - Longdistance Art Company. (EU-US). 

Trained as an industrial engineer she came to view the path of an engineer didn’t suit her well in pursuing her interested what life is. Disappointed in educational system and Western career oriented world she decided to pursue the path of an artist to learn more about what could be possible if we do deep research about the world. This journey led her to philosophy, Eastern spiritualism, religion and finally to art. She points out the power of curiosity to moves us forward in many different directions. Her paintings and drawings are hybrids of symbolism, figuration and abstraction in which she examines memory, and unconscious part of the human brain. 

Mirela Kulović's work has been exhibited since 2016 in more than thirty exhibitions in the USA and Europe. Her artwork can be found in collections all around the world. 


©Mirela Kulović 2020