Mirela Kulović is a Boston-based painter from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Recent conflict in ex Yugoslavia and living between two different worlds urban Split in Croatia and rural part of the Bosnia and Herzegovina played a big role in developing Mirela's interested in individual and colective memory, trauma and relationship between material world and human spirit.
Since 2018 Mirela has been working on art community project Art Centar Gračanica with the mission to open the first fine art gallery in town Gračanica. In 2019 she co-founded organization for culture KONTRAST, based in Tešanj. Mission of this organization is to develope art scenes in small towns in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Kulović's work can be seen and acquired in Galerija JAVA in Sarajevo.
Her work has been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions; more than 30 of her drawings and paintings are held in a private collections in the USA and Europe. 
Mirela collaborates with artists, non-profits, craftmen and firms on different crossdisciplinary projects, exhibitions, international art residencies, events, book promotions, book covers. Recent activities>>
Annual BiH Art Forum (Sarajevo)
is a meeting of Bosnian and Herzegovinian artists and booster of culture in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Summer 2020.
Dragana's Salon - Paradoxx Film (New York)
Colaborator and artist. 2020 - present
Vezirine tikve (Gračanica)
Gourd & Craft project. 2016 - present
Vezira.CLOTHES. (Boston, Gračanica)
Clothing brand project. Handmade and hand-painted. 2016 - present
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