Artist statement

"My painting and drawing practice are process oriented. The way I approach the material has a lot to do with my fascination with chance, chaos and random on one side, and repetition and patterns on the other side. I am also interested in words, letters, collages, photographies and other. I usually use all these elements as building materials. I am constructing and deconstructing an image until I find the best relationship between balanced and unbalanced elements. In most of my artwork objects are losing their shape. Dark and black spots have a dominant role, but it is not clear if other visible shapes and marks are coming from these parts or they are traveling towards them. In my more subtle drawings of abstract objects Before Beginning I created ambiguous spaces - containers of intimacy and contemplation. By selecting a more quiet pallet of colors and creating just one object on each paper I was responding to my need for slowing down.


I am interested in beauty and I often have desire to make beautiful art piece with harmony and comfort to eye however this desire often goes to another extreme where I find beauty in destroyed layers of paint. I am playing between these two visual potentials composing the most compelling image at the given moment. I am tracking how every day experience and new knowledge enters my painting surface. These subtle shifts of narrative feed my curiosity and makes my art practice exciting exploration."