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My name is Mirela and this is my story - ‘Story of Rebel’


Being born in Bosnia and Herzegovina in mid 80s and growing up in 90s in post conflict patriarchal society in a working class family was a big struggle. My parents goal for me was to graduated from a good university and settle down. Being first one in the family who is supported to go to college meant there was so much responsibility thrown on my back. But I accepted the challenge. I did my best and I did even more than was excepted. Except the last part, I couldn’t settle down. I was too curious and too passionate. In other words I was troublemaker, rebel, or as my parents thought and said - Ungrateful. 


I graduated from the University of Split, Croatia in 2011, I won three awards, two as a best student of generation, and one as a student of the year at the industrial engineer program. On the last year of my graduated studies I started to paint and to read more about visual art. I struggled so hard with making decision to be an artist instead of industrial engineer. But this was only from the outside, in contact with the other people because they asked me to explain it. However it is hard to explain the decision of the hearth. Inside of myself I knew from the day one when I had the brush in my hand, I am an artist. I want to do paintings for the rest of my life. More than that, I want to know everything about art world. This brought to me a lot of trouble. Imagine being first one almost in the whole family of working class people to graduated from engineer college is making decision to be visual artist instead. They thought I need few months of break and then I would return to my path. I believe they felt more pain than I did because I wasn’t suspicious about my decision, I knew it is a right one. But I understand their point of view, they projected so much of their success on me, for them seeing me doing what they imagined is good for me is their way to achieve success. In my view, this is completely wrong. And what wise people I admire said on this topic, parents do not own children. So, I decided to do things my way. After a years following their wishes I finally made resolution to abandon this path completely. Looking back, this is the best decision I could make because what happened later is the best experience I could imagine. And thinking about what future can brings makes me even more excited and I feel blood is going faster through my veins and hearth is beating harder. 


However it wasn’t easy. Almost every day was a struggle. On the other hand life is not interesting if there is not a struggle and pain. That is how we, - humans learn. We learn from going through struggle, in other words we learn from experience and practice…my whole life is about curiosity. I always find very intriguing how other being species are just what they are - bird is a bird, bunny is a bunny, elephant is an elephant, and only human beings are trying so hard to be what they are. I know from my own experience -I was working so hard for the twenty years to be myself, to be Mirela, an artist and creator. People made funny of me, I was rejected in many different ways, but I always knew I need to be true to myself. No matter what. But paradox is -there is a work to be done to be just You. If enough people do this work, world would be a much better place. I challenge you to do this work because you will harvest the most delicious fruits, but from your garden.  

With kind wishes to all rebels out there

Mirela Kulovic

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