Project Vezira Clothes connects all my passions like arts, creativity, textile, project management, business, social and community activities, my industrial engineering education, and my heritage. With this clothing brand, I have a mission to connect people with different professional background and education level. Doing many different things, I notice textile and clothing is something everyone can relate to. This is important as for me, the most important factor in this project are people, and as I go further I shape my project in a way to bring people joy and a sense of identity and love. This is possible only if any part of the production is made by enthusiastic people. Still, in the testing phase, Vezira Clothes already get attention from owners of few retail spaces and possible clients.  

This project would be expanded during art residency I am organizing for an international artist at Art Centar Gračanica. Engaging local people and youth this project would bring more people to the gallery at the art center. The exhibition is planned at the end where should be shown all parts of the process.  

Environmental issues around clothing production would be the focus of my side research - to find out what kind of fabrics are available on the market and what kind of natural dyes.

My ideal buyer would be someone who wants to be noticed by wearing something unique. People who are going to work on this project - I want them to participate with me in creating exciting clothes, often inspired by the rich history of the Balkans. This collection will open space for all kind of enthusiasts and creators.


What does the word-name Vezira mean? 

Vezira - Helping others is something that brings a sense of fulfillment into your life. Meeting new people and getting to know them is always fun. Your likable essence and open spirit make it easy to get along with everybody. It is easy for you to notice when somebody feels sad or is troubled and offer help at the right time. That is because of your observant character. Solving problems gives you pleasure. Bringing more justice into this world is very important to you.

Vezira means female knight. 




A vizier (/vɪˈzɪər/, rarely /ˈvɪziər/

Arabic: وزير‬‎ wazīr; Persian: وزیر‬‎ vazīr; Turkish: vezirChinese: 宰相 zǎixiàng; Bengali: উজির ujirô; 

Hindi-Urdu: वज़ीर / وزیر‬ vazīr; 

Punjabi: ਵਜ਼ੀਰ / وزير‬ vazīr)


Inherited from Ottoman Turkish وزیر‎ (wazīr), from Arabic وَزِير‎ (wazīr), from an Iranian source.

Fun fact about this project? 

My goal is to make connections between artists and people who are immigrants from the Balkans with artists and people in the Balkans. This would include activities in Art Centar Gračanica in Bosnia and Herzegovina and different promotional activities in the world.


All images and texts by ©Mirela Kulović. You may not post these images without a written consent of the artist or representatives. For all inquires contact the artist directly. Thank you in advance. .
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