The truth will set you free

Boston, April 2020

Start with the truth. For every human being it is extraordinary success if their thinking, speaking and acting are synchronized as much as possible. Only by making efforts towards this goal one can reach the full potential. Practicing this, one can realize you can change the thinking. This is when game called life is starting to change. 

Get to know yourself - Speak your truth - Learn how to articulate what is meaningful to you. What I learned over the years, there is a much work to do to be You. This is what in eastern philosophy is emphasized - Get to know yourself. I alway thought people can easily know who I am. But later, I realized if I need to work towards this goal to understand myself, how hard is then to other people to understand what I do and what I stand for. 

Gain the power by leaving your comfort zone. ​Only by leaving your comfort zone you can gain the power. How powerful you can be also depends on your creative force. Do you see the problem or opportunity in the situation depends on your imagination.