STAMINA is series of work on paper where repeated marks are grouping themselves in some kind of intelligent order, as they do in maps or graphic representations of data. These visual explorations are the result of my temporary working environment, an apartment where possibilities are limited. I can’t pour paint because there is not enough space, and I do not use oil paints because of the toxic fumes. In one small room I have just a desk, a small laptop, my books and some painting and drawing materials. So it hardly seems like an ideal studio for an artist like me, who wants to explore freedom in many different ways. But the space has large windows through which I can see tall trees, birds, and the occasional squirrel. It is right next to the kitchen, so I can easily make myself coffee or tea. As a result, despite the fact that my circumstances have restricted my workspace, they have conferred powerful new forms of freedom: working at home has allowed me to devote even more time to my art, cultivate the ritual quality of my artistic practice, and have time to go wherever I want after I finish working in the studio. In other words, by working in this environment I have become aware of the connections between space and time that I could not have otherwise perceived.

All images and texts by ©Mirela Kulović. You may not post these images without a written consent of the artist or representatives. For all inquires contact the artist directly. Thank you in advance. .
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