Space to Be Different.

Deadline: March 15th 2021

Please send us a cover letter and short bio on emails: and telling us how you wish to use the residency and what it is you want to transform in your own practice as an artist. (With no more than 500 characters )



Art Centar in Gračanica (ACG)

Social: @artgracanica

At present, it is difficult for Bosnian and Hercegovinian artists and creatives to participate in culturally mixed exchange programs internationally. We want to improve artists from Bosnian and Hercegovinian representation abroad, to emphasize the importance of the mission they undertake to support a new generation of Bosnian and Herzegovinian artists, and with this initiative we hope to encourage other institutions and individuals to start programs of their own. This amazing programme’s vision is to build relationships and connect 5 artists from 5 different cities to support and encourage expansion of their own art practice and the growth of ACG at the same time.


ACG Residency Award will be a unique opportunity of its kind in Bosnia and Herzegovian, and the first one to be organized by creative duo Mirela and Ksenija. Their unique experience as ex-Yugoslavian, later world citizens and transdisciplinary practitioners makes them perfect supporters for all artists who want to develop their future fluid identity. 


The awarded online residency includes: 

– 7 online one hour online weekly Zoom meeting with Mirela and Ksenija

– Introduction to Space to Be Different philosophy and methodology

– Private Facebook online group to share and discuss ideas and artistic processes

– One-on-one mentoring by Mirela and Ksenija at the beginning and the end of the programme

– STBD Booklet 


The STBD program opportunities:

– to have a public talk during ‘Artists at Work’ presentations

– to participate in ACG events in the future

– to make proposals for exhibitions at the ACG and project space

– to participate in open performance ‘play with boxes’ at ACG (depending of current situation) 

The selection process will be performed in two stages:

1. Short list – the expert committee will select 10 artists from the open call. The expert committee TBA.

The list of nominees will be announced at the end of

March, 2021.

2. Award recipient – the recipient will be selected by an international jury TBA.

The recipient of the award will be announced early

April, 2021.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ):


Who is this for? 

For all artists and creative people who want to level up their practice and enquire into their artistic processes.


Who will lead the residency? 

Creative duo Ksenija Kadic and Mirela Kulovic who developed the philosophy about many different selves we all have, which they call Space to Be Different.


How to apply? 

Send us a short cover letter explaining why you would like to develop your art practice and bring it to a next level.


What is the deadline? 

March 15th


Do I need to pay for anything/how will it be founded? 

We offer our knowledge and experience as our gift to community growth. Participating artists would have an opportunity to personally grow and also to contribute to the growth of the Art Center (ACG).


How would you run this program? 

Duration of the program is 7 weeks. We are going to meet weekly online via Zoom for one hour during which we would introduce our philosophy and methodology. Each week you’ll be required to work/explore your self-expression for at least one hour on your own. You’ll be part of an online Facebook private group where you’ll be able to self-reflect and share your processes if you wish to. We would also provide one on one with one of us at the beginning and at the end of a programme to start your growth and complete your transformation.


Terms and conditions? 

We are looking for dedicated artists and explorers who would be able to be with us through the whole program.


How many people would be selected for the program? 

We would select 5 artists from 5 different cities.


What is the aim of the program/what you’ll gain? 

To feel more liberated, free to express yourself and trust your artistic processes. The emphasis is self enquiry in the future and experiencing the fluidity of identity. 


What is the output of the program? Depends on you and the energy we create as a group in our participatory space. Some people choose to write stories, poems, paint, create movies, start creative business or just work with exploration without needing to have an output.


Do I have to share what I create? 

It is up to you. You can keep it secret or ask us for the feedback.


What is the methodology about? 

Space to be different thrives on nurturing relationships and connections between collaborators, environment and spaces within that are unique and different to each human being. Through the 2020 year we tested our methodology and developed philosophy behind it we call Space to Be Different through our own relationship and reflections, online events, and as a collaborative practice of duo.


​All images and texts by ©Mirela Kulović. You may not post these images without a written consent of the artist or representatives. For all inquires contact the artist directly. Thank you in advance. 
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