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Work in private collections

Since 2016 Mirela's artwork has been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions and is held in many international collections in the USA, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Germany and UK.

For the list of available artwork please email studio in the USA (Boston metro area):


The collector's words:

...Yours was actually the first and only real painting I ever got and really does means so much for me. It's funny because before then I had never really understood more abstract art, but I was actually taking a class at William James College and one of our lectures was really into art and during one class she had us look at different pieces and talk about what it meant for us. I was actually going through a difficult period when I wandered into Joy Street Studios that day, both personally and professionally. I was feeling kind of hopeless and down, but your painting of the Bridge connected with me somehow. Perhaps you didn't intend for it to be this way or to mean this, but for me the bright yellow at the bottom of the painting feels like an internal sunshine or glow that is coming out and bridging the darkness that can sometimes surround us; this way in which the bridge connects our inner thoughts and outer experiences really spoke to me. Whereas usually, you see the light on the outside to me this painting was indicative that your happiness is really from within and can brighten the darkness you're feeling around you. The Bridge is hanging on the wall in my living room where I can appreciate it and I walk by it every day to remind me of all that is good. I love it. You really have such talent and I'm so glad to hear that you are painting more and more sharing this with others and doing so well.

Evren Y., Collector, US, 2018

Life with a painting

It is an exciting experience to follow a path of Mirela as an artist, and see how she transforms over time. Starting with earlier memories of her native country and historical events, Mirela's life is also shaped by immigration. These lasting imprecations on her are visible in the artwork that resonates with many people. Her work carries a mythical yet earthly component that leaves plenty of connections to spectator's inner self. Thus, I was thrilled to be able to acquire one of her earlier abstract paintings. This painting became part of my everyday life at home. Although fixed at the wall on the canvas, the painting with its irregular shapes seems to be alive. It evolves together with me. As I acquire novel experiences, it connects with me on a different level, as if revealing its versatile hidden meanings. And the magic of this process is never ending.

Jelena E., Art enthusiast, US, 2018

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