Thought Provoking Conversation with Ozrenka Kadric

Updated: Feb 11

I started creative project Thought Provoking Conversation in the beginning of 2020 year. I was inspired by conversation I had with intelligent people in my life and had desire to make archive of conversations that could be sources for inspiration to me and all other curious people.

During last few years I started to pay more attention on conversations. I realized some conversation give you new energy and they inspire you to create or research something new. Some conversations are constructive and give you a new perspective on things, even more they open up you in a new way. This is how I created a name >> Though Provoking Conversations.

I want to provoke a new thought and give people opportunity to think differently after they hear something they never thought about before.

My intention is to have fun and learn something new. I enjoy so much in preparation and every aspect of creation of this series. I prepare questions in advance however during the conversation many new thoughts appear and more often new questions arise.

With Ozrenka Kadric, psychologist from Sarajevo I spoke about mental capacity, fear, curiosity and love. She is a creator of various seminars, psychosocial, educational and creative workshops. She is co-creator of project Putovanje s Merjem with the mission to educate girls and women about physical, mental and spiritual health and wellbeing.

I am inviting you to watch it on YouTube:

If you want to participate in Thought Provoking Conversations series please send an email to

Art Studio: info [at]

Please make sure to include some information about yourself, things you do and some topics you would like to discuss. If you like send your biography. Conversations are recorded in duration up to 60 minutes on Zoom app and after that I upload them on my YouTube channel.

Five episodes available. Join me!

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