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Mirela created the poster for short fiction film Memories

Since march 2020 Mirela has been collaborating with Paradoxx Films, an independent award-winning film company and creative hub from NYC. She participated in pre-production and production of the film in a role as artistic director and she created the poster for the film. The production of short fiction film Memories is funded through Kickstarter campaign which was supported by 89 donators.

Theme of the short film is about the universal experience of migration, love and loss. It is about young guy Bruno who is expecting his first baby with Jasmine. He is dealing with memories about his past and migrant experience from Africa.

Mirela's statement for the poster:

"This poster I created is linked to the short fiction film Memories, however it is also the result of my exploration of broader topic, memory, and it condenses ten years of exploration of visual language and universal symbols. The color palette is reduced to black and grey. I wanted to achieve simplicity and sophistication at the same time by using a round black shape as something that generates movement of other particles (shapes) in the image, however it is not clear if these particles are entering this bigger shape or they are coming from it and moving towards the edge of the image. For me, there is the whole universe in this image."


Paradoxx Films

Electronic Press Kit for Memories

The poster is available as fine art limited edition print.

Each one is numbered. Please pre-order by email: studio[at]mirelakulovic[dot]com

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