Paying attention

Updated: Feb 11

What ever happen, the most powerful thing is paying attention on our listening, thinking and observing process.

When you practice observation, you are existing more in a present moment. You became aware you are not mind.

By observing thoughts you come to realization you can question your thinking and believing.

When you touch your right hand with your left hand you feel your existence in the body.

If you carefully bring attention to your hand, leg, head, back, feel like you are traveling through these parts.


Try to touch something soft. How does it feel? What kind of materials you enjoy touching? Do you like clay? How about playing with dough and making the bread?

We often listen to music while we are doing something else. Even when we are writing, running or cooking.

Try to make time to just listen the music without doing anything else. How does it feel? Do you feel like dancing and moving your body?

Doing many things at once make you not experiencing it fully. Our senses are limited but even more limited when we are doing few different things at once. I often sit and just look at my paintings. I watch and observe shapes, colors, values, lines and harmony.

I usually paint in quiet place without music. I love to be concentrated on brush, paints and equipment. I try to observe my thinking process while I paint.

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