Dark and light spaces

Updated: Feb 11

I was always against of interpretation of paintings however later I figure out words can extend meaning of the picture. Even more, visual language is influencing developing of the written and speaking language, but also this goes back and forth.

How I make decision in painting process it discovers my thinking process. The whole process goes beyond thinking.

The most of my artwork starts with uncontrolled marks and paint pouring after which comes more thoughtful process. Adding many layers of paint and destroying many of them in between I stop in the moment when picture has combination of defined and undefined elements that I like. After I have gut feeling artwork is done and there is nothing I can do to make it better I still spend some time to observe it. This process of observation can last for days and most often this last for months. Sometimes I leave painting covered and return to it after few months.

My artwork often has many dark areas and chaotic elements, but sometimes artwork appear very light and areal with the fine lines and shapes with a lot of open space.

For artwork inquire, gallery representation, speaking engagements, publicity, collaboration and all business inquires contact the Art Studio in the USA: info [at]

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