Calabash project

Updated: Feb 11

While I was doing 'serious things' for the last five years I was also doing interesting 'not so serious' side project - Calabash (Bottle gourds, Tikve) with farmers in small villages in Bosnia and Herzegovina. People asked me:

- 'Why are you doing it, Mirela? What for?'

And many more questions followed and many more curious facial expression followed.

People couldn't figure out why I spend so much time on this project.

I didn't really know either. I just enjoyed every aspect of this project...

this is the whole wisdom!

as famous quote says

"Life happens when you are busy making other plans'"

It is truth.

I was caught in the mind game, selecting things what might bring serious results in my personal life or professional life as an artist.

And the whole time a big potential of Calabash project was in front of my eyes.

I have been working on the project a lot but I haven't consider this as 'important project'!

Please connect me with people who are doing something similar. I am collecting old photographies about practical use of calabashes in the region. If you know someone might have any please get in touch with me.

I am inviting you to read more on Balkan Art Scene:

For collaborative projects in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the region please contact the Art Studio in the USA:

info [at]

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