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Title: Cultivating meaningful connections through Arts

Key words: drawings, artistic collaboration, cooperation, relationships, individual, collective, interdisciplinary


Summary: With my presentation as a guest artist, I would like to introduce ideas of collaboration and cooperation to students at Everett Public School. Almost everything we do involves other people. Art gives us the opportunity to share ideas, skills, and experiences in many different mediums. Skills like self-expression, communication, and collaboration are crucial for every individual to build meaningful, lasting relationships. The relationships are the most precious thing we have. In the presentation I will present two drawing series and three collaborative projects: short fiction film, art+science workshop and an art-space in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I would show and explain why both, an individual and collective & collaborative art practice matter. My aim for the lecture would be to foster conversation with the students about what is more important personal or community growth, or both? 



Bio: Mirela Kulović is an artist and freelance creative director working internationally. Her drawings and paintings explore memory and the unconscious through symbolism, figuration and abstraction. Her collaborative works, include interdisciplinary projects that address and respond to the social, cultural, and psychological needs of displaced communities. She holds master degree in industrial engineering and she is primarily self-thought in the arts. Mirela is splitting her time between Boston and New York collaborating with artists, scientists and creative collectives.

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