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The roads towards freedom twist and curve


Formulating the question is hard when you’re missing most of the picture. As I navigate the day and trying to be in present moment it is challenging not to think about past experiences or jump(flip) into the future. You smell something and you immediately experience time travel. It is funny how distant past have more attributes (colors) than something that happened last year. The wise people and scientist state the time is not linear, it is cyclical. But what does it actually means? It could and can be both. In my experience when we think deeper about any word, that word became so abstract that lose its meaning. It is challenging to imagine or analyze how we invented so many words to express ourselves, to communicate with others or describe our environment. To say time is cyclical or time is linear the most of the time doesn't have meaning until you give example. Why wee need, use and invent so many words? The life journey is simple. You arrive, you go on journey, you come back and you eventually die. The story is simple too, you are either hero or loser. The math of the life journey is simple too. Over the period of your life you meet a few good people and you eventually success to maintain a few good relationships and that is it. Wait, I forgot the questions about freedom and freedom of choices. What do we actually choose and what kind of the impact has that on us? We certainly can’t choose how other people see us or tell a story about us however our freedom lays in the fact we can choose how we see and tell a story about ourselves. I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina. During my childhood and my adolescence I wasn’t often asked how I feel and what I think. Growing up in Balkans was rough and there simply wasn’t enough space for self-expression and self-exploration. Ten years ago I got my engineering degree. On the last year of my graduate studies I started paint in local art club in Split in Croatia where I lived at that time. 


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