• November 2019, reproduction of painting from series Shilouette on the cover of award-winning book of shor stories 'Smrt u ogledalu' by Melida Travancic, Publisher Lijepa Rijec, Tuzla, BiH

  • November 2019, Mirela Kulovic together with poet Melida Travancic and local development advisor Umihana Krlicevic-Omerovic founded organization for culture KONTRAST in Tesanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • July 2019, Umihana Krlicevic-Omerovic is PR and Sales Manager 

  • July 2019, Solo Exhibition 'Zelim ti nesto reci mrljom' at Galerija Crta, Zagreb, Croatia

  • April 2019, Mirela is a guest artist on Mersiha Messiha's performance 'Sevdah Body' at Spectrum in Brooklyn, NY

  • April 2019, Mirela particpiated at World History Conference-Migrants and Refugees with Megan McShane, Irfan Hosic, Dragana Kovacevic and Mersiha Mesihovic.

  • Februar 2019, Mirela Kulovic co-organised seminar 'Together building place-based resiliency & sustainability' with founders of Earthos Institute and Sena Foundation, Somerville, MA

  • February 2019, Group show 'All you need is...', Bromfield Gallery, Boston, USA

  • January 2019, Artist Talk at Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, USA

  • January 2019, Artist in the Studio, Event at Sowa Artist Guild, Boston, USA

  • January 2019, Group show Gallery Artists, Bromfield Galelry, Boston, USA

  • December 2018, Group show Winter Works at Bromfield Gallery, Boston, USA

  • November & December 2019, Open Studio, SoWa Winter Festival, Boston, USA

  • November 2019, Artist Talk, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, USA

  • November 2019, Solo Show 'All things I have forgotten, Bromfield Gallery, USA

  • October & November 2019, Group show Art and Design, The Gallery, Malden, MA, USA

  • October 2019, Group sho at Rocco Ricci Open studio, Allston, MA, USA

  • September 2018, Silent Auction at Castle Hill, Truro Center for the Arts, USA

  • September, Interview Member Spotlight, Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, USA

Mirela is one of the three Co-founders of organization KONTRAST based in Tesanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina


Solo Exhibition at Galerija Crta

Opening Reception, July 3rd, 2019

Zagreb, Croatia

Drawings and works on paper

Galerija Crta

Together we will explore ways of building place-based sustainability and resiliency in our communities around the world. In Vol.1, three speakers will share how they do it through science & technology & art & creativity in Africa (Ghana) and Balkans (Bosnia and Herzegovina)...This event is open for public but RSVP is required.

Get a ticket here

Phone: +1 (401) 787-1686 (Earthos Institute)

February Speakers:

1. Kwasi Agbleke, Sena Institute of Technology (Ghana)  

2. Mirela Kulović, Art Centar Gračanica (Balkans)


We have an open spot for the 3rd speaker in February. Read more and apply here


Earthos Innovation Lab, 1310 Broadway Ground Floor, Somerville, MA 02144

Dates 2019:

February 7

March 8

April TBA


June TBA

Spectrum, Brooklyn, NYC


I am participating as a guest artist on Mersiha Messiha's performance 'SEVDAH body'. During her performance, I would express my experience by painting at the real-time on the canvas surface. 


 “... by exploring how Sevdah (the word sevdah comes from the Arabic word sawda, meaning “black gall.” ... Called the blues of Bosnia, sevdalinkas are often compared to American gospel and Portuguese fado)  is situated in her body Messiha articulates Bosnian experimentalism and a home yet to exist, a Bosnia free of institutional demands”



Mersiha Messiha Biography

mersiha messiha is a Bosnian/Swedish/American choreographer/performance artist & the artistic director of Brooklyn based CIRCITDEBRS -a platform for experimentation in dance & interdisciplinary collaboration. Her work deepens the connection of the moving body and social structures, setting fame- work for questions related to race, gender, citizenship, corporeality, hegemony in the field of dance and beyond.  "Messiha’s vision questions the moral fiber of society and she has positioned herself as a major contributor with international significance" -Daniel Charon, Artistic Director Ririe Woodbury Dance Company, Salt Lake City, Utah  


Mirela Kulovic Biography

Mirela is Boston-based painter, Founder and Director of Art Centar Gračanica in Bosnia and Herzegovina. She holds a masters degree in industrial engineering from the University of Split in Croatia. Shortly after graduating, Mirela decided to change the course of her career and dedicated herself to painting and drawing instead. Her work is driven by the complexity of a young woman's experience living in the Balkans. Her work explores personal and collective memory, violence and history. Since 2016 she has exhibited in Boston area with select solo shows at Bromfield Gallery, Cambridge Art Association, Inside-OUT Gallery and Brookline Arts Center and more than twenty juried group shows. Her work was published in Studio Visit Magazine Vol. 38.

Queens, NYC more


Anticipated Format: Panel Discussion

5-minutes presentations from four practitioners, followed by an open moderated discussion on issues in reconstruction and recovery with special emphasis on sustainability and models of NGO activity in BiH.


With over 1.5 million refugees in the diaspora, and 10,000 citizens leaving every month, migration is a central issue in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH). The Bosnian security ministry data estimates 40 percent of people born in BiH are

now living abroad. The flow of capital entering BiH comes from international war studies and post-conflict based grants, relegating the state identity to one defined by the 1990s conflicts. However, migrants and the Bosnian diaspora are defined by current and future events. Migrant and refugee experiences are heterogeneous, often monolithically mischaracterized, both in the eyes of the West and on home soil. For instance, in Bihać, the Syrian war migrant population currently outnumbers the local Bosnian population. We are interested in the manner in which the Bosnian diaspora and the Syrian migrants in Bosnia are co-relating. When we speak of migration, in the context of BiH, the questions of not just identity, but also of opportunity and sustainability are foregrounded by this panel’s pioneers of world migration and creative action. This panel discussion will offer new perspectives on the future of migration in the bioregional territory of BiH. Through community-based art projects, art spaces, performance and dance, new philosophic foundations, sustainable initiatives, reimagined places, and actions, we engage the region’s future,

providing opportunities for those on the ground and those who wish to similarly engage the bioregional development projects. This means including those who are marginalized and forgotten, like children and youth in small towns, women, and those with minimal access to education. Panel participants are willing to shape the future of the Balkans through modern migration and community engagement, developing thoughtful projects through action.

Participants: Irfan Hosic, Mersiha Mesihovic, Dragana Kovacevic, Megan McShane, Mirela Kulovic 

Moderator: Megan McShane, Art historian, and Professor at Florid Gulf Coast Univesity LinkedIn

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