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Art Studio, Boston, USA

Tel.: +1 617 487 1598


Mirela Kulović is a Bosnian-born painter based in Boston. She grew up in urban, seaside Croatia as well as rural Bosnia-Herzegovina. These different worlds played a major part in developing Mirela's interest in the visual exploration of individual memory. She is fascinated by the role of trauma, imagination, forgetting and oral narrative in building collective memory. Her artwork -- spanning paintings, drawings and text -- is process-oriented and characterized by violent accidental marks, which are often accompanied by repetitive marks, symbols, numbers, letters and paint-pouring. Her collaborative works includes multiple international artistic and cultural projects that address and respond to the social, cultural, and psychological needs of distressed and displaced communities.

Mirela Kulović holds master degree in Industrial engineering of University of Split in Croatia and she studied various fine art courses at Tufts University, MassArt and Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in the USA. Mirela Kulović's work has been exhibited since 2016 in more than thirty exhibitions. Her exhibitions were supported by Cambridge Art Association, Galerija Java, City of Boston, Bromfield Gallery, Tufts University, City of Zagreb, Centar za kulturu i informacije Maksimir, Somerville Arts Council, Somerville Museum, Copley Society of Arts, Brookline Arts Center, Maud Morgan Arts, Brookline Public Library and other. Her work was published in Gračanički Glasnik: A Magazine for Cultural History, Studio Visit Magazine, and Boston Art ReviewMirela holds a certification under the Artist Space Initiative through the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture, City of Boston and the Boston Planning and Development Agency. 

She is founder of Art Centar in Gračanica (ACG) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, an artist-run initiatives that offers artists a space to create and connect with diverse communities in a meaningful way. Mirela Kulović is also Co-Founder of association for culture KONTRAST (BiH), Artistic Collaborator at Paradoxx Films (NY) and Artistic Collaborator at Mineastry of Postcollapse Art and Culture (USA). 


College Art Association 109th Annual Conference, NY, USA| 2021

Panel discussant

Presentation: Building Resiliency with Art and Culture in Distressed and Displaced Communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina and its Diaspora.

Panel: The MinEastry of Postcollapse Art and Culture: Contemporary Artists and Cultural Workers Networked For Resilience Beyond The Anthropocene


Earthos Institute, MA, USA | 2019

Presenter and Co-organizator 

Building Place-Based Resiliency & Sustainability Seminar Series

Presentation: Past and Future Activities of Art Centar in Gračanica

Co-organized by Earthos Institute, Sena Institute of Technology Foundation, Art Centar in Gračanica

St. Johns University, NY, USA | 2019 

World History, Theory, and Practice Conference Migrants and Refugees. 

Panel discussant.

Presentation: Artist-run initiative Art Centar in Gračanica 

Panel: Community-Based Arts Organizations and the Migrant Experience: Case Studies from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkan Diaspora 

Earthos Institute, MA, USA | 2018


Building a Village Together Seminar: A Conversation with International Non-profits about Building Local and Regional Resiliency 

Presentation: The mission and activities of Art Centar in Gračanica 

Organized by Earthos Institute 

Cambridge Art Association, MA, USA | 2018 

Feedback Forum. Artist Talk. 

Bromfield Gallery, MA, USA | 2018 

Artist Talk: All Things I have Forgotten

Cambridge Art Association, MA, USA | 2016

Feedback Forum. Artist Talk


"My painting and drawing practice are process oriented. The way how I approach the material has a lot of to do with my fascination by the chance, chaos and random on one side, and repetition and patterns on the other side. My paintings and drawings are hybrids between abstraction, symbolism and figuration. My work is never completely defined. In most of my artwork objects are losing their shape. Dark and black spots have dominant role, but it is not clear if other visible shapes and marks coming from these parts or they are traveling towards them. 

In my more subtle drawings of abstract objects Before Beginning I created ambiguous spaces - containers of intimacy and contemplation. By selecting more quiet pallet of colors and creating just one object on each paper I was responding to my need for quiet space."


  • October 2020 New Episode of Thought Provoking Conversations Series, Mirela Kulović in conversation with Andrijana Miler, Sydney based multidisciplinary artist and integrative body therapist

  • September 2020 1St Anniversary of Association of culture KONTRAST, Tešanj Castle, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • August 2020 Postcollapse Mineastry of Art and Culture (MPAC) is invited to CAA 2021 Conference, New York City, February 10-13. Session title: 'Contemporary Artists and Cultural Workers Networked for Resilience Beyond the Anthropocene' 

  • August 2020 Mirela Kulović and Ksenija Kadic started  project 'Space to be different'

  • July 2020 Mirela created the book cover "Trag", published by Muzej Tešanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • July 2020 Text by Mirela Kulović about award-winning book of short stories "Smrt u ogledalu' (author Melida Travačić) is published in Život, a magazine for literature and culture

  • July 2020 BiH Art Forum 

  • ​June 2020 Fluidity of Self, Workshop, Ksenija Kadic in collaboration with Mirela Kulović

  • ​May 2020 Thought Provoking Conversations, Ongoing 

  • May 2020 Mirela Kulović officialy joined Postcollapse Mineastry of Art and Culture (MPAC) at Postcollapse Art, USA

  • March 2020 New partnership BiH Art Forum and i-platform.ch

  • May 2020, Small show 'STAMINA' at Maud Morgan Arts, Cambridge, MA, USA

  • April 2020, Mirela Kulović joined the crew at Paradoxx Films in NYC | Dragana's Salon 

  • January 2020, Drawing on the cover of music album 'Pamučni svijet' by musician Edin Džambić

  • January 2020, Drawing on the cover of award-winning book of poetry 'Zembilj' by Emina Selimović, Fondacija za izdavaštvo award, BiH

  • January 2020, Drawing 'Reflection' on the cover of award-winning book of poetry 'Sjenka u Sjenci' by Melida Travačić, Fondacija za izdavaštvo award, BiH

  • December 2019, Co-founder of BiH Art Forum

  • November 2019, Reproduction of drawing from series 'Sublimation' on the cover of the book 'Mein Zweisprachiges Ich', Lijepa Riječ, Tuzla, BiH

  • November 2019, Reproduction of painting from series 'Shilouette' on the cover of award-winning book of short stories 'Smrt u ogledalu' by Melida Travačić, Lijepa Riječ, Tuzla, BiH 

  • August 2019, Co-founder of organization for culture KONTRAST, Tešanj, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • July 2019, Solo Exhibition 'Želim ti nešto reći mrljom' at Galerija Crta, Zagreb, Croatia

  • May 2019, Painting 'The memory of One land' on the cover of Gračanički Glasnik, Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • May 2019, Review 'Embracing the Third Self: Four Journeys Exploring Immigration and Identity', Article by Karolina Hac, Boston Art Review, USA

  • April 2019, Mirela is a guest artist on Mersiha Messiha's performance 'Sevdah Body' at Spectrum in Brooklyn, NY

  • April 2019, Mirela participated at St. John’s University World History Theory and Practice Conference: Migrants and Refugees

  • Februar 2019, Mirela Kulović co-organised seminar 'Together building place-based resiliency & sustainability' with founders of Earthos Institute and SIT Foundation, Somerville, MA

  • February 2019, Group show 'All you need is...', Bromfield Gallery, Boston, USA

  • January 2019, Artist Talk at Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, USA

  • January 2019, Artist in the Studio, Event at Sowa Artist Guild, Boston, USA

  • January 2019, Group show Gallery Artists, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, USA

  • December 2018, Group show 'Winter Work's at Bromfield Gallery, Boston, USA

  • November & December 2018, Open Studio, SoWa Winter Festival, Boston, USA

  • November 2018, Artist Talk, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, USA 

  • November 2018, Solo Show 'All things I have forgotten', Bromfield Gallery, USA

  • October & November 2018, Group show 'Art and Design', The Gallery, Malden, MA, USA

  • October 2018, Group show at Rocco Ricci Open studio, Allston, MA, USA

  • September 2018, Silent Auction at Castle Hill, Truro Center for the Arts, USA

  • September, Interview Member Spotlight, Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, USA

  • September 2018, Group show 'Double vision', Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA

  • Continuing Education (CE) Student Work Exhibition at School of Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, Group show the Weems Atrium and Building A Gallery (BAG), Boston, USA

  • August 2018, Solo Show 'Sve zaboravljene stvari' at Galerija Java, Sarajevo Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • May - August 2018, Group show '(Inter) National: (Dual) Identities', The Gallery at Atlantic Wharf, Boston, USA

  • May 2018, Painting 'Portal' on view at Bromfield Gallery, Boston, MA

  • May 2018, 'The Physics of color' at ArtWeek, Assistant at workshop led by Kaća Bradonjić at Gallery 263, Cambridge MA

  • May 2018, Open studio, SoWa Art Walk, Boston, USA

  • April 2018, Group show 'Up',  Kiley Hoffman, Auburndale, MA, USA

  • February & March 2018, Solo show 'Fragments', Brookline Arts Center, Brookline, MA, USA

  • January - March 2018, Solo show 'Lands', Inside - OUT Gallery, Somerville, MA, USA

  • January 2018, Mirela Kulovic joined SoWa Artists Guild, Boston, MA

  • January - July 2018, Art Rental Program, cambridge Art Association. Cambridge, MA

  • January - February, Painting 'Fragments' on view, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, USA

  • December 2017, Open studio, SoWa Winter Festival, Boston, USA

  • December 2017, Moved in the new art studio in SoWa Art District, Boston, USA

  • November 2017 - January 2018, Solo show 'Lands', Hanuman Hall, Brookline Public Library, Brookline, USA

  • November 2017, The School of the Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts Art Sale, Boston, USA

  • November 2017, Joy Street Open Studio, Somerville, MA, USA

  • October 2017, Group show 'Winter Works', Bromfield Gallery, Boston, USA

  • October - November 2017, Painting 'Land' on view, Bromfield Gallery, Boston, USA

  • August - October 2017, Group show 'Objectified', Bromfield Gallery, Boston, USA

  • August - October 2017, Mini show at Stairwell Gallery, Brookline Booksmith, Brookline, MA, USA

  • July 2017, Featured artist, Studio Visit Magazine vol 38, USA

  • July, Accepted in Bromfield Gallery as Full member, Boston, MA

  • May - September 2017, Solo show 'Fragments', New School of Music Concert Room, Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, USA

  • May 2017, 'Group show Gallery Artists', Bromfield Gallery, Boston, USA

  • May 2017, Artist Talk, '2017 National Prize Show' at Cambridge Art Association, USA

  • May 2017, Group show, '2017 National Prize Show' at Cambridge Art Association, USA

  • May 2017, Somerville Open Studio, Somerville, MA, USA

  • April 2017, Cambridge Art Association’s '2017 Spring Gala', Cambridge, USA

  • April 2017, Group show  'Miniatures' at Cambridge Art Association

  • April - May 2017, Group show, 'The (SOS) Somerville Open Studios -  First Look Exhibit', Somerville Museum, USA

  • April 2017, Group show, Organised by Somerville Arts Council and the Inside-OUT Gallery, USA

  • April 2017, Group show for annual fundraising for Brookline Arts Center, 'ART off The Wall', Brookline, MA, USA

  • April 2017, Brookline Open Studios at Brookline Arts Center, Brookline, MA; USA

  • March - April 2017, 'Brookline Open Studios Preview Show' at Brookline Public Library, USA

  • February 2017, Group show 'Monsters & Misfits', Cambridge Art Association, Cambridge, USA

  • February - April 2017, Group show 'Shaken and Stirred' at Copley Society of Art, Boston, USA

  • March 2017, Group show 'Members Prize Show', Cambridge Art Association, USA

  • February 2017, Group show 'Iteration', Gallery 263, Cambridge, MA, USA

  • February 2017, First solo show 'Fragments', Bromfield Gallery, Boston, USA

  • December 2016, Accepted in Copley Society of Art, Boston, USA

  • December 2016, Group show 'Winter Works', Bromfield Gallery, Boston, USA

  • November 2016, Joy Street Open Studios, Somerville, MA, USA

  • November 2016, Artist Talk at Feedback Forum, Cambridge Art Association, USA

  • October 2016, Group Show 'Fay Chandler Emerging Art Exhibition', Boston, USA

  • October 2016, Group Show 'Mary Schein Fall Salon' at Cambridge Art Association, USA

  • August 2016, Group show 'Heat', Bromfield Gallery, Boston, USA

  • July 2016, Group show 'MELT', Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville, MA, USA

  • April 2016, Group show 'Inspiration, Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville, MA, USA