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Mirela Kulović's drawings and paintings have been the subject of numerous solo and group exhibitions, and are held in several international collections. Born in Bosnia and Herzegovina and raised in Croatia, 

Mirela Kulović now lives in the US, splitting her time between Boston and New York collaborating with artists, scientists and creative collectives.  


She holds a master degree in industrial engineering from the University of Split in Croatia and she works internationally as a freelance artistic and creative director on interdisciplinary and multicultural projects.

Her artwork is published in Studio Visit Magazine, by Steven Zevitas, a publisher of New American Paintings (US); Antenae, the journal of nature in visual culture (UK); and Boston Art Review (US).

Mirela's artwork was exhibited at Brickbottom Gallery, Scollay Square Gallery at Boston City Hall, Brookline Arts Center, Somerville Museum, Bromfield Gallery, The Wedeman Gallery at the Yamawaki Art and Cultural Center at Lassel College, Galerija Java, Kathryn Schultz Gallery, University Place Gallery, Copley Society of Art, Galerija Crta, Gallery 263, The Gallery at Atlantic Wharf, School of Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University, Truro Center for the Arts, Inside-OUT Gallery, among others

She participated in solo and group exhibitions that were supported by Somerville Art Council, Cambridge Art Association, Brookline Public Library, City of Zagreb, the Mayor's Office of Arts and Culture in Boston, among others. She was a finalist for Walter Feldman Fellowship for emerging visual artists in New England.

Mirela participated on many panels with artists, scientists, scholars, environmentalists, educators and policymakers on various topics related to art, culture, sustainability, local resistance, resiliency, displacement, migrants' experience etc. Four presentations: The Role of Art in Peace-building; Building Resiliency With Art and Culture in Distressed and Displaced Communities; Visual Knowledge: One Can Never go Back in Seeing, Engineering spaces for community connection through arts, are one of the most often she delivers at art conferences and as guest lecturer at international universities. 


For the last few years, she has co-founded, contributed to, and supported various independent art initiatives and cultural grassroots projects in the US and Europe. In 2017, she founded Art Centar Gračanica (ACG), an artist-run space and summer artists' residency in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The mission of the initiative is mutual exchange of knowledge between the local community and international artists. 


One of the most recent projects is her collaboration on the short fiction film Memories produced by Paradoxx Films from New York, where she had the role of artistic director. The official release of the film was in February, 2023 in Canada at the Toronto Black Film Festival. The film is influenced by various artists' voices from the Balkans, West Africa, US and Europe. By joining forces, this group of global artists are showing a universal narrative about migration while celebrating ordinary people

CV and Resume upon email request:


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