Mirela Kulović is a Bosnian-born painter whose paintings and drawings explore memory and the unconscious through symbolism, figuration and abstraction. Her artwork can be found in collections all around the world. 

She holds master degree in Industrial engineering of University of Split in Croatia and she studied various fine art courses at Tufts University, MassArt and Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in the USA. Mirela Kulović's work has been exhibited since 2016 in more than thirty exhibitions. Her exhibitions were supported by Galerija Java, Centar za kulturu i informacije Maksimir, City of Zagreb, Bromfield Gallery, Somerville Arts Council, Somerville Museum, Cambridge Art Association, Copley Society of Arts, Brookline Arts Center, Maud Morgan Arts, Brookline Public Library, City of Boston, Tufts University and other. Her work was published in Gračanički Glasnik: A Magazine for Cultural History, Studio Visit Magazine, and Boston Art ReviewMirela holds a certification under the Artist Space Initiative through the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture, City of Boston and the Boston Planning and Development Agency. 

Her collaborative works includes multiple international artistic and cultural projects that address the social, cultural, and psychological needs of distressed and displaced communities. As an advocate for the important role that artists and creative people play in their societies, she embraces the power of art to build resilient spaces. She is a founding director of Art Centar in Gračanica (ACG) in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a physical space and an international platform that offers artists a space to create and connect with diverse communities in a meaningful way. 

Art Talks, Seminars, Conferences

Earthos Institute, MA | 2018, The mission and activities of Art Centar in Gračanica - Building a Village Together: A Conversation with International Non-profits about Building Local and Regional Resiliency | 2019, Past and Future Activities of Art Centar Gračanica, Building Place-Based Resiliency & Sustainability Series 

St. Johns University, NY | 2019 | World History, Theory, and Practice Conference Migrants and Refugees, Community-Based Arts Organizations and the Migrant Experience: Case Studies from Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Balkan Diaspora 

Cambridge Art Association, MA | 2016, 2018 | Feedback Forum

Bromfield Gallery, MA | 2018 | All Things I have Forgotten

Mirela Kulović was born in Tuzla (SFR Yugoslavia, Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina). She grew up in Split, Croatia. She lives in Boston, and works in Boston, New York and Sarajevo.


"There is freedom of thought and freedom in the work we do. The work you are doing reflects who you really are. I use my painting practice to discover hidden messages of my body and my mind. Success in the painting reflects success in the life. By this I mean survival of the spirit, fulfillment of the passion and level of fearlessness."


"My painting practice is process oriented. The way how I approach the material has a lot of to do with my fascination by the chance, chaos and random on one side, and repetition and patterns on the other side. My paintings and drawings are hybrids between abstraction, symbolism and figuration. My work is never completely defined. In most of my artwork objects are losing their shape. Dark and black spots have dominant role, but it is not clear if other visible shapes and marks coming from these parts or they are traveling towards them. I work with oils on canvas, and pastels, ink, graphite and pens on paper. The most often I start with violent brush strokes and uncontrolled marks but I soften them with many layers of paint, touching them with many repetitive marks. Before I finish a painting I use methods of repeating, removing, adding, destroying picture with rugs, scraping paper or fingers. After removing or covering my painting surface partly or completely there are always traces which work as trigger for the next layer. This almost never ending process stops when picture is ambiguous, and has balance between defined and undefined elements which intrigues me."

She writes about creativity, curiosity, money, art:


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